STRATEGIC MANAGEMENT COURSE ASSESSMENT Select a business or part of a business that you are very 1 answer below »

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" My area of expertise is FMCG for bakery products like croissant,Englishcak and othre relatedproducts.

Select a business or part of a business that you are very familiar with. The business must already exist. This is not an assignment to evaluate a new venture proposal.


Students who select a company, even if it only has one business area, are likely to score poorly. The marker is looking for a very specific management agenda at the end of the assignment; this is difficult to develop for a company. Even when the company only has one business area (i.e: a budget airline) our advice would be to narrow down the assignment to a part of the company (i.e: a route).

? The assignment can be based on an internal department or service.


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