Students are required to resolve two case problem type questions from a list of case problem… 1 answer below »

Students are required to resolve two case problem type questions from a list of case
problem questions provided from the prescribed textbook using IRAC method, based
on topics discussed in lectures.
Case problem type questions include:
? Contract Law
? The Law of Torts and Negligence
? Applications of Negligence to Business
This assignment aims at ensuring that students have familiarised themselves with their chosen case problem
type questions and are able to apply the legal knowledge to factual situations, through written and/or oral
communication, to achieve a reasoned conclusion. The ability to identify the relevant legal issues from a
factual situation and the application of statute and case law involves the use of problem solving and decision
making skills.
Topics andpresentation schedule:
Please organise yourselves into groups of 3 to 5 students.
The assignment consists of 2 parts:
1. Written report – worth 15% and must be submitted – Friday, Week 10 at 11.59pm.
? This group assignment consists of 2 parts. Part Ais a case study on Contract law, and Part B is a
question involving Civil Liability (the Law of Torts and Negligence). Both questions must be
? Thetotalwordlimitforthegroupreportis2,000words.Eachparthasamaximumwordcountof
1,000 words.
? Thetotalwordcountforthereportaswellaseachpartmustbeclearlywrittenonthecover sheetof
theassignment.Yourassignmentwill notbemarkedifthewordcountsarenotwrittenonthecover


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