Students will analyze the following fact pattern and discuss how Miranda v. Arizona andsubsequent ru

Students will analyze the following fact pattern and discuss how Miranda v. Arizona andsubsequent rulings apply.Four police officers storm an apartment of a suspected drug trafficker with a history of illegalfirearm possession. The officers, exercising a valid search warrant, conduct a quick sweep of theapartment to account for all individuals inside, discovering the suspect in the living roomreclining in a chair. The officers immediately handcuff the suspect, place him in an uprightposition, and explain the reason for being there. Then, the officers asked the suspect, “Is thereanything we need to be aware of?” The suspect responds that a loaded semi-automatic pistol isunder the bed in the master bedroom. Officers also find nearby, used drug paraphernalia and abox of unused bullets. Over the course of two hours the officers discover various amounts ofillicit weapons, drugs, and money throughout the dwelling. After about 45 minutes into the raid,the suspect asks a nearby officer, “Why are you picking on me?†and asks in jest whether heshould call his cousin “Vinny the Lawyerâ€. Another officer proceeds to ask the suspect if therewas “more to findâ€. The suspect says “yes†and then leads them to a closet full of shoeboxescontaining cocaine and marijuana. After the second exchange, and two hours after entering thedwelling, one of the officers reads the suspect his Miranda warnings.The defense attorney has filed a motion to suppress each of the statements made by the suspectand the pistol and shoeboxes containing cocaine and marijuana seized during the execution ofthe warrant. Please do a 3-4 page memorandum of law evaluating the issues raised and citingappropriate authority and case law in support of your opinion as to whether or not the Courtshould grant the motion as to the statements and evidence seized. Your memorandum shouldinclude a statement of the facts, the issues presented, summary of relevant case law, applicationof the relevant law to the facts of this case and a conclusion.Format:A minimum of 3 (maximum of 4) full pages of narrative text that responds to the itemslisted aboveUse American Psychological Association (APA) citation format for all narrative andResource page citations, including judicial rulings.Double-spaced, 12 font, 1″ marginsCover Page: student’s name, name and number of the course, name of the project, date ofsubmissionResource page: Any resources, including course instructional materials, referenced inthis project, using APA citation formatting.Rubric Name: DEFAULT Rubric for CCJS Projects (2162)CriteriaEquivalent to an Equivalent to a Equivalent to a Equivalent to aABCD or F13.9 pointsOverall content ofpaper or project.Value: 20 pointsThe overall20 pointscontent of the17.9 pointspaper addressesless than theThe paper is15.9 pointsminimal amountexemplary. Content Paper indicatesof theof the papereffort above andinformationexceeds allbeyond theIn general, therequired by theinformationProjectcontent of theassignment. Itrequired byDescription in paper addressesdemonstratesassignment,the areas ofthe informationmarginal workdemonstratesresearch,required by theand does notcritical thinking analysis, critical assignment.reflect anskills, sophisticated thinking, etc.understanding ofPointsanalysis and otherPointsavailable: 14-15.9 the project.perspectives.available: 16Points17.9available: 18-20Points availableF: 12 – 13.9Points availableF: 0-11.9Overall analysis and 20 points17.9 pointscritical thinkingValue: 20 pointsAnalysis andPaper includescritical thinking is evidence ofevident throughout analysis andthe paper, beyond critical thinkingthe requirements in beyond thethe Projectrequirements inDescriptionthe ProjectDescriptionPoints15.9 points13.9 pointsThe analysis and The analysis andcritical thinking is critical thinkingconsistant with reflected in thisthe requirements paper did notin the Projectmeet theDescriptionrequirements inthe ProjectPointsDescriptionavailable: 14-15.9available: 18-20Points availableD: 12-13.9Pointsavailable: 1617.98.9 pointsPoints availableF: 0-11.97.9 points6.9 pointsAssignmentmostly formattedas required butmissing somerequiredelement(s).Assignment ismissing majorelements,Pointsavailable: 7-7.9Points availableF: 0-5.910 pointsAssignment isResponsiveness toformatted asProject Description: Assignment isrequired withAll elements areformatted exactlyminor/included. Value: 10 as required.inconsequentialpointsPoints available: 9- deviations.10Pointsavailable: 8-8.9Points availableD: 6-6.96.9 points8.9 points10 points7.9 pointsClearExcellentapplication ofResponsiveness toProject Description : understanding and theory andknowledge toApplication of theory application oftheory andthe facts.and knowledge to theknowledge to thefacts presented,Mostfacts.accurate use ofterminologyterminology, etc.Terminology isreferences areValue: 10 pointscorrect in all uses. correctlyapplied.Points available: 910Pointsavailable: 8-8.9Responsiveness to10 pointsProject Description:Organization. Value:Organization is10 pointsrelevant to topic,clear and8.9 pointsTheory andknowledge doesnot apply to thefacts presented.Application oftheory, knowledgeUse ofand terminology terminologyindicates a lackindicateunderstanding of of understandingthe concepts and of the conceptsand focus of thefocus of theprojectprojectPointsavailable: 7-7.9Points availableD: 6-6.9Points availableF: 0-5.97.9 pointsOrganization is Organizationclear and does presents somenot distract from MINOR6.9 pointsOrganizationlacks relevance,is unclear,understandablewith logical flowthat makes theproject easier tofollow.the project’scontent.difficult tounderstand, orlogic is missingdistractions from that causesthe project’sdistraction forcontent.the reader.Points available:Points available: Points available8-8.9Points available: 97-7.9D: 6-6.910Points availableF: 0-5.913.4 points15 pointsAssignment isformatted exactlyas required, allFormatting,required citationsreferences, and APAand references arecitations Value 15present and APApointsstandards arefollowed in everyrespect.Points available13.5-1510.4 pointsAssignment is 11.9 pointsformatted asrequired withAssignmentminor/mostly formattedinconsequentialas required butdeviations,missing someresourcerequiredrequirements areelements/met, citationssources or someand referencesAPA errors areareevident.present and APAstandards arePoints available:followed.10.5-11.9Points available:12-13.4General15 pointsGrammar/MechanicsValue 15 pointsNo or minorEnglish andgrammar usageerrors.Points available13.5-15Assignment ismissing majorelements, lacksrequiredsources or APAis not followedhowever adifferent citationmethod is usedcorrectly.Points availableD: 9.0 – 10.4Points availableF: 0-8.913.4 points11.9 points10.4 pointsA few minor/inconsequentialmistakes inEnglish andgrammar.Some, butacceptablemistakes inEnglish and/orgrammar.Many mistakesevident inEnglish/grammarusage.Points available Points12-13.4available: 10.511.9Points availableD: 9.0 – 10.4Points availableF: 0 – 8.9Overall ScoreEquivalent to an Equivalent toAan B90 or more80 or moreEquivalent to an Equivalent to aCD or an F70 or more0 or more 


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