TASK 1 Your firm has been engaging to provide a training and information session for the… 1 answer below »


Your firm has been engaging to provide a training and information session for the employees of “Harold Lorman” a well-known high street retailer specializing in household’s electronics. You have been requested to draft up a report on the main issues relating to retail law and product liability in the context of the seller and specifically in the points listed below. In your report you are requires to provide a brief outline of the following;

1) the legal rules on implied terms relating to the sale of goods and supply of services.

2) the statutory provisions on the transfer of property and possession.

In order to provide a complete overview, the client has requested the following additional detail in relation to the above points.

As staff are dealing with members of the public the client would like to address the following issues in the context of the sale of goods and supply of services acts as amended.

Situation A: A customer makes a specific request in relation to a television that it is saor view enabled.

Situation B: a customer buys a pc based on the model on display, however there are differences between the model purchased and that on display.

Situation C: a customer purchases a Coffee machine that will not function.

Situation D: A customer purchased a Microwave and then, decided they did not like the colour and wishes to return it for a full refund.

Situtation E: A customer purchased a ketlle made in china bearing the Harold Lorman logo. It exploded causing damage to their kitchen counter and their arms. TASK 2

Explain to Pablo in your own words the rules, termination rights and default notice in a Hire Purchase Agreement in relation to the following scenario. You must use Case Law to support your answer.


Pablo has paid more than one third of the hire purchase price on his car. Due to the economic climate Pablo is now unemployed and is unable to continue his payments. After the first default James a representative of the finance company, contacts Pablo by letter stating that he is terminating the hire purchased agreement and he must return the car. Pablo is very upset due to losing his job and receiving this letter so he takes the car back to James.

Comment on the above scenarios quoting legislation or case law where appropriate.

Current legislation relating to commercial law in Ireland. Consumer credit. Consumer protection and consumer rights.

analyse the impact of changes in Irish law and European Business Law on a range of business activities and work practices </pclass="msonormal">


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