Taxicab. This type of vehicle is highly in demands by passenger and driven by drivers also known as

Taxicab. This type of vehicle is highly in demands by passenger and driven by drivers also known as taxi drivers, its actively used by a single passenger or small group of passengers, often for a non-shared ride. (The National Tribune. May 23, 1907). Gottlieb Daimler built the worlds first gasoline-powered taximeter cab in 1897. In Perth there were 2,215 taxis operating in 2013. Taxi has played important role for many generation but has declined throughout the years due to increasing demand of Uber, which is the major competitors for Taxi Company. It seems in 10 years to come the industry might dissolve.

So, the Problem statement of our Research proposal is:

To stop the declining in demand of taxi service.

There are few disadvantages for Taxi Company, which is the reason why people prefer to choose Uber instead of taxis. And our

Research objectives. Is to find out the department or the area taxi company is lacking in. Pointing out the opportunity to the company which will help them improve. To find out the policy of taxi industry. Introducing new policy to the industry for efficiency. To find out why people doesnt prefer using taxi now a days. Find out weather the employees are motivated to work and its wellbeing.

There are many types of problems the taxi company is facing. The very first and the common one is taxi is quite expensive as compared to uber. The prices charged by the Uber are almost half than taxi company charge for the same Distances. By catching Uber, People normally saved almost 4$ in Melbourne, 7.5$ in Brisbane and 5$ in Perth. (White, 2015) At the same time the waiting time of taxi is more than the Uber. For the taxi a normal waiting time is eight minutes whereas with uber its only 3.5 minutes.  Uber used to illegal in Australia but it is now the government is now embracing it.

Also these days, the marketing for the Uber is much more than taxis, the one of the main reason behind that is the Uber app. Its easy to book an Uber with an app rather than calling and waiting. Due to this reason the people prefer Uber more as compared to Taxis. If there is constantly increasing demands of Uber in future then there are less chances for the taxi company to grow. (NewsComAu, 2016).

Method: Conduct a research proposal on Taxi Company to discover opportunities for improvement. Focus more on qualitative factor and primary research. We are going to put ourselves as a passenger in a taxi and observe the facility as well as the service it provides and also observe the facility and service provided by the competitor of the Taxi Company. Information will be mostly by primary research. The first individual interview is done with two taxi drivers, asking them following questions

How long have you been working as a taxi driver?

How many days do you work? What time of day do you work?

How do u find the job?

What are the improvement do you wish to incur in the taxi company?

The second individual interview is done with five general public. Asking them following questions.

What method of transport do you use?

Have you using taxi before?

(If yes) what would you rate the service of taxi from 1 to 5?

What are the possible improvement/service that you recommend?

Finally first interview with any competitor of Taxi Company. will be conducted.

The question to ask the competitors of Taxi Company will be:

How long have you been working for?

What do u like about the job?

What days and time do you work?

What are the improvements you wish to incur in your company?

  Secondary data will be taken by various sources such as:

ASM e-library

Academic journal




Prepare proposal by                       11 Sep

Complete literature review by     18 Sep

Complete fieldwork by                  22 Sep

Complete analysis by                     25 Sep

Give presentation on                     28 Sep

Complete final report by              31 Oct


In order to salvage the decreasing industry of taxi which is one of the most important instrument of mobility in the transportation of the network in any city. Its regulation, flexibility, availability, cost and trusts should be revisited and improves in order to meet the increasing competition. In addition the company should invest in IT knowing that the world of business in this age has move to digital, meaning policy and regulation need to be reviewed according to Abelson (pp.41-70) ” taxi industry is heavily regulated in Australia. These regulation have been retained despite numerous review finding that taxi industry is over regulated” these has been barrier for development in this sector of taxi industry and if this is done the industry will be one and most vibrant means of transport by retaining its customer and gain it glory.

Refrences White, S. (2015).Taxi drivers complain about Stereosonic lockout by Uber. [online] WA Today. Available at: [Accessed 31 Aug. 2016]. (2016).Is Uber better than taxis?. [online] Available at: [Accessed 31 Aug. 2016].


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