The Aral Sea Crisis issue: The Aral Sea Crisis my global societal problem is the Aral Sea crisis and

The Aral Sea Crisis

issue:  The Aral Sea Crisis

my global societal problem is the Aral Sea crisis and I am suppose to describe the crisis in the essay and a possible solution to the problem. The Aral Sea dried up due to a massive irrigation project, mismanagement of water, nuclear waste etc.

Write: This Final Argumentative Essay will present research relating the critical thinker to the modern, globalized world. In this assignment, you need to address the following items in separate sections with new headings for each:Identify the global societal problem within the introductory paragraph and conclude with a thesis statement that states your proposed solution(s) to the problem. For guidance on how to construct a good introduction paragraph, please review the from the .Describe background information on how that problem developed or came into existence. Show why this is a societal problem, and provide perspectives from multiple disciplines or populations so that you fully represent what different parts of society have to say about this issue.Construct an argument supporting your proposed solution(s). Be sure to consider multiple disciplines or populations so that your solution shows that multiple parts of society will benefit from this solution. Provide evidence from multiple scholarly sources as evidence that your proposed solution is viable.Interpret statistical data from at least three, peer-reviewed scholarly sources. Do this by discussing the validity, reliability, and any biases; identifying the strengths and weaknesses of these sources; and pointing out limitations of current research and attempting to indicate areas for future research. You may even use visual representations such as graphs or charts to explain statistics from sources. Evaluate the ethical outcomes that result from your solution. Be sure to provide at least one positive ethical outcome as well as at least one negative ethical outcome that could result from your solution, and explain at least two ethical issues related to each of those outcomes. It’s important to consider all of society.Develop a conclusion as the last paragraph(s) of the essay, starting with rephrasing your thesis statement and then presenting the major points of the topic and how they support your argument. For guidance on how to write a good conclusion paragraph, please review the  from the .

The Final Argumentative EssayMust be 3,300 – 3,900 words in length (approximately between 10 – 12 pages; excluding title and reference pages) and formatted according to  as outlined in the .Must include a separate  with the following:Title of paperStudent’s nameCourse name and numberInstructor’s nameDate submittedRunning header with page numbersMust include  from at least 10 scholarly sources. Be sure to  rather than simply inserting it.Must document all sources in APA style as outlined  and .Must have no more than 15% quoted material in the body of your essay based on the Turnitin report. Reference list will be excluded from the Turnitin originality score.…………………………….Answer Preview……………………………The Aral Sea crisis is one of the greatest global societal problems that was provoked by the human kind activities. This has led to numerous research and studies concerning the crisis which has affected a large number of population living in various parts of the world. The residents regularly joke that if everybody would have come to study the Aral Sea Crisis with a bucket of water, then sea would be now full. The Aral Sea is a significant part of the Aral Sea basin, and it has passed through various dramat………………………………………………APA3580 Words Added to cart


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