THE NIAGARA MOVEMENT AND THE NAACP DIRECTIONS: Review Post your responses to following questions…







Post your responses to following questions with the heading: NIAGARA MOVEMENT.

 When you look at the Niagara Declaration of Principles, what do you notice about its attitudes toward African Americans and their recent social progress?What other changes were called for in the “Niagara Declaration of Principals”? When were some of the proposed changes finally instituted?Why did the Niagara Movement fail and who was instrumental in its collapse? What event precipitated the Movement’s demise?Did W. E. B. DuBois think women should be politically active? Why or why not?






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The declaration of principles aimed at bringing freedom and equality to the African-Americans. Often times, it refers to them as citizens of America and although it points out the issues they face like slavery, the declaration does not differentiate between the whites and the blacks; it only brings out the issue of equality to all citizens of America. The declaration also…..


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