The Power Elite Links: W. Mills—The Power Elite Interlocking Directorates Income Inequality–PBS 3…

The Power Elite   

Links:W. Mills—The Power Elite

Interlocking Directorates

Income Inequality–PBS

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The Power Elite   

The Power Elite

In a research carried out by professor Marshall, argues that the power elite derives its meaning from Mill who defined the polite elite as politically, economically, military independent individuals with common mutual ground.  According to Marshall, power elite can still be seen in the modern America as it was observed long ago.

She also implies that the elite occupy the key leadership positions within the sectors that rule the modern society. A closer look at the term Power Elite will make one tend to believe in her analysis. As observed in the country, major national powers are seen to reside almost exclusively in the economic, political and military sectors. This explains that their power lies……………………


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