The Transcontinental Treaty of 1819 a) Define the United States as a nation that spanned the contine

The Transcontinental Treaty of 1819

a) Define the United States as a nation that spanned the continent

b) Gave England unquestioned authority in the North Atlantic

c) Outlawed the international slave trade

d) set the border between Mexico and Texas at the Rio Grande

2 As president, Andrew Jackson Believed

a) as did George Washington, that his office reacted to Congress rather than led it

b) That cabinet members should exercise independent judgement

c) That Congress had the last word on fiscal affairs

d) That he spoke for the nation on all matters

3 To perpetuate Cherokee culture, Sequoyah

a) developed the Cherokee syllabary, or symbols of written language

b) established a university for indian students

c) filed a case in federal court to block removal

d) persuaded President Andrew Jackson to leave a remnant of the tribe on its reservation in Georgia

4 South Carolinians call the Tariff of 1822 the “tariff of abominations” because

a) it drove the price of European goods beyond their ability to pay

b) it reminded them of Parliament’s taxation policy that produced the American revolution

C) It was passed by Congress without their approval

d) the law exempted products produced in New England from Taxation

5 what did free black leaders think were the true motives of the American Colonization Society’s effort to repatriate blacks in Africa

a)that it was a genuine effort to make amends for importing their ancestors as slaves

b) to applaud the separatist concept

c) that they were mostly interested in getting rid of free blacks

d) that they were enthusiastic about the effort and helped raise funds for more colonies

6 written in 1829, “an appeal to the colored citizens of the world,” by David Walker called for

a) a global uprising of slaves to overthrow slavery

b) free and slave blacks using violence if necessary ti abolish slavery

c) the creation of black transnational identity

7the american anti slavery society increased membership because

a) they traveled across the northern states speaking out about abolishing slavery

b) they employed young women to advertise their position

c) they had president jackson speaking on their behalf

d) they kept slavery out of national politics

8 Catherine Sedgwick’s novel the poor rich man and the rich poor man

a) called attention to the problem of homelessness

b) defended those who inherited great wealth

c) illustrated the exploitation of the poor by the wealthy

d) romanticized urban poverty and suggested that “true wealth” lay within the reach of everyone

9 the Missouri compromise was devastating defeat for

a) hames monroe

b) slave owner

c) opponents of slavery

d) Native americans

10 what did John Slidell bring to Mexico on orders of president polk in 1846?

a) a gun, to assassinate General Santa Ana

b) a declaration of war

c) a purchase offer in the value of $30 million

d) The treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo


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