This assignment carries 20% of the marks for this subject. The word limit is1,500 words andthe…

This assignment carries 20% of the marks for this subject.

The word limit is1,500 words andthe front cover ofyourassignmentshould notethe total word count used. Words in excess of the permitted1,500will not be read or marked.

This assignment is intended to provide you with the opportunity to consider a range of legal issues that can arisein contractin the course of carrying on a businessand to develop your ability toresearch andanalyseproblems from the perspective of those legal issues. You are expected to think through the issues thoroughly, considerboth parties’ rights and liabilities and provide a reasoned solution to the problems posed by the facts. In particular, you will need to ensure that you cover each of the specificmattersthat areset outinthe question.

Students may work collaboratively in considering the problems(and are strongly encouraged to do so)butindividual essays are to be submitted by each student – and they are to beyour own work. (Students should read and are expected to comply with the university’s policy on plagiarism, both generally and in relation to collaborative work submitted individually).

The assignment is due no later than 5pm,28 April 2017.

Studentsmust only submit an electronic copy through Safe Assignment (onLearnJCU).Ensure that your name and student identification number clearly appear on the cover sheet.

The Question

Peter wants to sell one of his cars thathas a diesel motor to his nephew Brett. Brett is eager to purchase the car but Brett does not realise that one of his uncle’s cars is diesel.

Peter writes a letter to Brett as follows:

?“Dear Brett,

I know that you are interested in buying one of my cars. I would like to give it to you but I know that you won’t accept charity. Therefore I will offer it to you for $500 (I reckon it is worth about $2,000). If I don’t hear from you by this Friday I take it that you are happy to buy it for $500. I will then drop off the car to your place on the weekend.”



Brett does not see the letter and there is no further communication between Peter and Brett.

On Saturday, Peter delivers the diesel motor car to Brett’s home. Brett arrives home to discover the letter and the car from his uncle. Brett realises the car is diesel and he does not really want the car. However, Brett decides the car is still useful and starts driving the car to and from university. After three weeks driving the car Brett decides that he will return the car. He has not yet paid Peter any money. Peter thinks Brett is ungrateful and demands full payment.

a.Brett wants to return the motor car to his uncle. Peter is angry with his nephew and he demands payment for the car. Peter says he will lodge a small claim and sue Brett for the money. Brettstates“we are family andyou can’t sue me.”

Explain whether the uncle/nephew relationship has any effect on whether or not there is a binding agreement.?6 marks)

b.On the same telephone callBrett also says toPeter that “There is no contract because I never agreed to anything. Peter says “It’s a bit late to return the car now. You’ve been driving it around”.

Has Brett accepted an offer from Peter to purchase the motor car? (4 marks)

c.On the same telephone callPeter says that “I was being nice to you and offering you the car at ‘mates rates’.

Could $500 be valid ‘consideration’ for a contract to sell the diesel motor car? Explain why/why not??(4marks)

?d.Brett tellsPeter on the same telephone call “Even if you can convince the judge that there was an agreement, I can get out of it because I didn’t know you had a diesel car and I never wanted a diesel car. I thought all your cars were petrol”. Is it correct that Brett can avoid contractual obligations on the basis of his mistaken belief? Why/why not??(6marks)

[Total:20 marks]



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