To demonstrate the skills and knowledge to develop relevant marketing strategies that will be…

To demonstrate the skills and knowledge to develop relevant marketing strategies that will be effective in the situation described in the case study.
This assessment task is one of three required to demonstrate competency for this unit.
Conditions for assessment
• Students are permitted to work on this assessment task in groups when researching and planning, however, each student must individually complete their report and submit. Group reports are NOT permitted, and you must not copy the work of others. Suggested group sizes of 2-3 students.
• You are allowed to access websites for legislation etc. to assist you with your research.
• This is intended as a written assessment. Please make arrangements with your assessor at least one week prior to the assessment due date if you feel you require special allowance or allowable adjustment to this assessment (e.g. verbal assessment or additional time).
• Please write your full name on the student version of the assessment task (do not use nicknames or abbreviations)
• You are allowed minimal support only from your assessor e.g. asking for clarification of a question
• You must submit your work to your assessor by uploading your assessment online via the Learning Management System (Canvas)
• You will be assessed as satisfactory or not satisfactory
You can appeal the assessment decision according to the RMIT Assessment Policy and Procedures (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.
Task Instructions:
Refer to your assessment one case study.
A report investigating and recommending strategies for all aspect of marketing, an implementation plan, and a review process.
Using the analysis completed in Assessment One, you are to develop a marketing plan, including implementation and a review process, that responds to those conclusions.
The strategies should be focussed on the Key Issues carried over from Assessment One, so your presentation should start by explaining the product and market chosen, and the Key issues. You should review these before starting on the strategies, along with any feedback given, and amend the key issues if they believe it appropriate.
The “Four P’s” is the best structure for presenting strategies, which means a separate section for each of Product, Place, Price, Promotion.
There is also a section required for planning and monitoring the launch.
As a guide the structure might be, but is not limited to:
Introduction of the task.
The Key Issues identified in Assessment One
Any changes or additions the group believes necessary to the above.
Strategies proposed for Product
Implementation timetable and Stakeholder plan.
Monitoring milestones and alternative plans
Some in-class time will be provided to undertake this assessment task but you will also be expected to complete some of the assessment outside of class time.
You will be assessed according to the criteria outlined in the Criteria for Assessment below. All criteria identified must be addressed to satisfactorily complete this Assessment Task.
You will be assessed against the criteria as listed in the observation checklist of this task and how well you answer the questions asked by your assessor. To achieve a satisfactory result you will need to address all criteria satisfactorily.


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