Translate a technical concept for a lay audience through an extended definition (An extended definit

Translate a technical concept for a lay audience through an extended definition (An extended definition is a detailed explanation,usually one or two paragraph of an object process or idea).  Next, choose a technical concept and a lay audience (non-experts) and purpose for translating that concept.

Next, write a minimum of one page of text describing the technical concept for your chosen lay audience and purpose. The audience and purpose must be clear to me (your instructor) through the design and development of the translation. The translation must begin with a sentence definition,

You should also include definitions of all key terms for your chosen lay audience, but they may be parenthetical definitions if they make more sense in your overall translation document.

Your translation/extended definition must also include at least one clarifying graphic. Integrate the graphic at the point in the document best for the chosen audience and purpose. Wherever the graphic could clarify a concept, insert it immediately in that spot. Be sure to introduce the graphic before it appears, and explain the graphic after.

In addition to at least one graphic, the rest of the translation/extended definition must include at least one more of the following strategies for extending definitions: examples, partition, principle of operation, comparison/contrast, analogy, negation, and/or etymology .

This project will not be accepted without proper documentation. Be sure to provide a caption for your graphic , and then provide a works cited entry for the graphic as well. In addition, provide in-text citation and works cited entries for all other sources used.


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