Upon successful completion of this subject, students should: be able to appraise and discuss the… 1 answer below »

This subject examines key Australian legal concepts and issues directly relevant to business
operations. It covers the structure of the Australian legal system, sources of law, statutory
interpretation, the court system and the doctrine of precedent. It then examines substantive
areas of tort, contract, agency, and the difference between various types of business
organisations before focusing on corporations law, including the way in which corporations
are formed, rules regulating internal relationships within corporations, relationships with
outsiders, the duties of directors and other officers, fundraising and the termination of
corporations, with a particular focus on liquidation.
Learning outcomes
Upon successful completion of this subject, students should:
• be able to appraise and discuss the Australian and other legal systems;
• be able to analyse matters so as to evaluate which court has jurisdiction and
differentiate between courts in applying the doctrine of precedent ;
• be able to anlayse the rules of statutory interpretation and the law relating to torts,
contracts, property, agency, partnerships and corporations; and
• be able to distinguish between rules of law and exercise judgement in applying the
law to complex legal problems.
Subject content
Information relating to the subject content is contained in the above schedule.
Key subjects
Passing a key subject is one of the indicators of satisfactory academic progress through your
course. You must pass the key subjects in your course at no more than two attempts. The first
time you fail a key subject you will be at risk of exclusion; if you fail a second time you will be
excluded from the course.
The Academic Progress Policy (https://policy.csu.edu.au/view.current.php?id=00250) sets out
the requirements and procedures for satisfactory academic progress, for the exclusion of
students who fail to progress satisfactorily and for the termination of enrolment for students
who fail to complete in the maximum allowed time.


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