US115 Module 4 Assignment – Table TemplateStudent Name: OverviewIn this assignment you will describe

US115 Module 4 Assignment – Table TemplateStudent Name: OverviewIn this assignment you will describe the consumer buying process of a significant purchase.Using an everyday product, you will identify target markets. You will breakdown the marketingmix (Product, Price, Place, Promotion) for each segment, identifying each element includingpricing strategies and tactics.INSTRUCTIONS1. Select a product, one that would be a more significant household purchase (a big ticketitem) than an everyday product. Describe the consumer buying process covered inmodule readings as it relates to this purchase.2. Using a table as the sample below shows, select an everyday product (dog food, cellphones, running shoes, etc.). Show how different versions of the product are aimedtoward different market segments. Use the note section for explanatory comments orobservations.This chart can be approached in two ways. In this example, products produced bydifferent companies in the same category (make-up), are identified for different marketsegments. Another way is to select one company (Purina, Nike, etc.) and show how itemsin their product lineup are marketed towards different segments.3. Include a paragraph summary explaining how the marketing mix differs for eachsegment in the chart.NOTE: Market segments break down a larger market into smaller, more homogenousgroups using demographic (age, gender, education, income), geographic, psychographic(consumer based interests or activities), and behavioral (usage, buying habits)characteristics. The purpose for segmenting a market is to allow your marketing/salesprogram to focus on the subset of prospects that are “most likely” to purchase youroffering. MarketSegment Product Pricing(Strategies andTactics) Place Promotion Notes 4. Be sure to :1. Use the Assignment 4 Word Document Table Template to help you complete thisassignment.2. Incorporate in-text citations and correctly formatted reference(s), to properlydocument your resource.3. Use proper grammar, spelling, and formatting.4. See Assignment Rubric under Tools on the Navigation Bar for Assessmentinformation.5. Submit this assignment in the Module 4 Assignment Dropbox as a .doc, .docx,.pdf or .rtf file.


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