What are the advantages and disadvantages of having a structure with ”multiple” labels… 1 answer below »

YOU ARE TO READ AND THEN ANSWER 2 CASE STUDY QUESTIONS (see below) by applying a Case Study Analysis.

Once read and understood, prepare a justified and rationalised response to the following questions you are to use the

First Principles Model to answer the Case Study Questions:

What are the advantages and disadvantages of betting on ”tentpole” films?(40%) What are the advantages and disadvantages of having a structure with ”multiple” labels or”sub-studios” as Disney has,as opposed to one central being responsible for the entire film output?(60%)

Each question is answered individually.

You need only to refer to the information contained within the Case and you are to demonstrate a level of critical thinking

skills in relation to your evaluation and analysis.

PLEASE NOTE that students are to also ensure that in answering the questions that application of the relevant business concepts and frameworks are included as per the notes in the case study guidelines below.

iNote: Number of words: 1,200 words (MAXIMUM) plus References and Appendices (not included in word count)

Please ensure a minimum of 3 (excluding the case study) scholarly references (these are likely to be in reference to strategic models, customer analysis and market analysis) in relation to the analysis (these may be sourced journal articles, academic papers, Harvard readings, McKinsey publications etc.), and are cited in-text and in the reference list in support of your application of business models and frameworks.


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