What would the world be like if Muhammad Ali Jinnah never existed What would the world be like if…

What would the world be like if Muhammad Ali Jinnah never existedWhat would the world be like if Muhammad Ali Jinnah never existed:Paper will be an “imagined ‘negative’ biography” of any individual who has played a role in the shaping of 20th century . The person can be from any area of endeavor and from any country, so long as the majority of their career, and their, are in the 20th century. The Paper need not cover their entire life, but should concentrate on the person’s acts or accomplishments that impacted the world and its history in the years covered by the course, roughly 1900 to 2000 (My Person is Muhammad Ali Jinnah) Then, having described the person’s life and impact, students are to imagine if the person had never lived, and how the 20th Century would have been different if that were so. While this is an exercise in imagination, it is not an exercise in fantasy. Your analysis must be grounded in historical facts and in what we know about the person and the times and circumstances in which he/she lived.The “imagined” part of the biography must be a minimum of a third of the Paper’s overall length; anything less will result in a severely lower grade. Every Paper must have footnotes. In deciding whether or not to footnote a piece of information, the rule is that anything that is not common knowledge must be footnoted. For example, you would not footnote that George Washington was the first president. You would footnote what he wore to his inauguration. A good rule of thumb: if in doubt, footnote it Footnotes can be at the bottom of the page, in a separate section at the end of the Paper, or inserted parenthetically in the text. All are acceptable as long as you are consistent throughout the Paper. very paper must have a bibliography, which is a list of the sources you consulted in writing your Paper. You should list all items consulted even if not cited directly in the Paper. Bibliographies must be in standard format; if in doubt, consult the History Department Web page, or the Instructor. The bibliography must have a minimum of five items, only one of which may be a general source such as an encyclopedia, either print or on-line. Books, journal articles, magazine articles and visual materials may all be used. no more than two items may be from the Internet. Some sources, such as journal articles, are available in both print and on-line versions. If you use such a source, it will not count against the two-item Internet limit; however, in those cases you must give both the print citations as well as the URL of the on-line version. When using an Internet source, you must give its full URL, including author and title, if known. Be careful; nothing on the Internet has been screened for accuracy, basic honesty or even factual correct. This assignment will be submitted through  (plagerism is taking very seriously)

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