With the continued unrest across the region affecting airlines, airspace users’ stakeholders and…

With the continued unrest across the region affecting airlines, airspace users’ stakeholders and service providers by increasing complexities and costs within their operations. Airspace Emergency Response Plan (AERP) aims to develop or propose to the airspace users’ requirements in catering for improvements towards an internal airspace structures, procedures and communications to enable business continuity and sustainability. The proposal is intended to cover numerous areas in the airspace interims of emergency response plan for an abnormal situations. It mainly emphases on the need of establishing a basis to overcome an emergency intervention to the airspace and provide a contingency agreements and arrangements with the concerned internal units. It is obvious that some of the contingency measures can be only addressed based on a previous experiences challenged and interfaced the units. These challenges in need of having a tangible producers and clear processes to identify the hot spots and conflict zones in the airspace to maintain a smooth air traffic operation in the airspace. provide mechanism or guideline to airspace traffic movement during the unrest situations; to ensure the flow of traffic in the airspace at a specific or abnormal circumstances is manageable as well as ensuring the flights scheduled during that time is efficiently controlled.
The project is aiming to start with verifying the need of establishing an Airspace Emergency Response Plan to the air travels.
• Moving to a proposal on how to tackle the areas that need to be focused on from an airspace point of view and structuring the project based on the its objectives.
• Later on, the proposal will provide a synchronization and verification of the conducted interviews. Then the presentation will follow.


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