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This is a Supply Chain Management Course. Distribution MananagementShort Answer questions:1. Warehouses have beendescribed as market extenders through enhancement of transportationcapabilities. Describe how this can be true.2. Describe shortly somefundamental issues that must be addressed when joining a Supply ChainManagement partnership as a second tier vendor.3. Explain how Value Pricing in transportationcan help both carriers and shippers4. Why should safety stocksbe considered a form of “insurance?”5. Why does a transporter think in terms ofkeeping equipment moving?Essay Question This answer should be a complete essaythat draws from all of the various sources of information that you have gainedduring this course. DO NOT MAKE THIS A SHORT ANSWER. two pagesYour electronicsmanufacturing company has undergone a huge growth process, but now is facingsevere competition from similar enterprises. As a means of cutting costs, yourboss is thinking of hiring out its logistics operations to a third personlogistics firm. What would you advise him to consider as he makes his decision.(In point of fact, DOD is farming out a lot of logistics problems to privateindustry. So, like the question above, why would a DOD manager consider doingso. If you want to answer this question from a DOD perspective, feel free to doso.)


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