You are required to critically discuss 2 leadership models or theories of your choice…. 1 answer below »

1. Assessment brief This assessment includes a case study with questions 80% and a power point presentation 20%, both submitted via the VLE. You must achieve an overall pass. 1.a. Instructions: Case Study 1) Read the following case study and questions. 2) You will need to provide evidence of your research to support your arguments, (you should avoid using mainly internet sites such as and 3) You are expected to do your own research on the leadership styles. Here are a couple of articles to help you or 4) It will not be sufficient to just write a descriptive report, no matter how good an account you provide. It is important, therefore, that you draw on and refer to appropriate theory for your critique. 5) Please ensure that you use feedback from your formative assessments as this will aid you in the completion of this assessment. 1.b. Instructions: Power Point Slides Part b – Power Point Presentation on a topical debate. This part of the assessment will contribute 20% towards your overall module grade. 1. You are required to critically discuss 2 leadership models or theories of your choice. 2. You can chose any models and theories from the literature. 3. You will need to compare and contrast the different models and theories using evidence from the literature to support your discussions. 4. You will need to prepare a power point presentation (Approximately 6-8 slides) 5. There will be a webinar briefing with the Module Leader to provide you with some additional support.


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