You made great strides in setting the U.S. on course with improvements in efficiency. You feel confi

You made great strides in setting the U.S.
on course with improvements in efficiency. You feel confident that you
can continue to provide guidance to the U.S. from your country, so you head
As you arrive in your home, the “red
phone” rings…the President of the United States is on the other end of
the line. The President thanks you for taking your time to speak
with her and she requests you attend a virtual meeting with U.S. healthcare
leaders to lead a discussion on where the U.S. healthcare services professions
will be in the year 2025. You accept.
Over the days leading up to the virtual
meeting, you plan out your discussion using the materials you read/viewed this
week. Specifically, you choose to focus on the following questions and
develop responses to THREE of these questions.
How will healthcare systems evolve to best
leverage a global market for their services?
What will a growing share of healthcare
dollars mean to the healthcare work force in a stagnant or slow growing general
How will smart phones create new jobs in
Will genomic research eliminate certain
diseases by modifying a person’s DNA?
How will the massive chronic care needs of
a large number of older people create new careers opportunities?
What new jobs may be created to best meet
new consumer demands for more patient-focused care? Less institutionalization
of the elderly? And better access to culturally appropriate care givers?
How will we educate our healthcare
What’s the job market likely to look like
for healthcare administrators in ten or so years?
answer these questions in this discussion area.


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