You work as an analyst in the planning staff of a multinational enterprise. In this and future…

You work as an analyst in the planning staff of a multinational enterprise. In this and future research assignments, you will be asked by your manager to submit a report on different facets of international business. He/she asks that these reports should be written in a manner that can be forwarded to senior management. These reports should respond to the instructions from your manager.

Instructions: Your manager has requested you to prepare a report for a new senior manager in the international division the firm; she has asked for help in preparing for her first business trip to Bangladesh.  Your manager was informed that she expects  to interact extensively with current and potential customers, bankers, and suppliers in Dhaka, including having to meet with suppliers on key business issues.  Because this is her first visit to a South Asian country (she has had been on business trips to the Middle East), she has asked for information on the following: (1) peace and order (she is concerned about possible conflict issues in the country because of the recent killings in Dhaka); (2) the local culture, including, among others, religion, because she is female and also because she is wondering whether religion is contributing to the conflict in the country; and (3) business practices, particularly because she will need to get some issues resolved.  A colleague informed you that there is a site, Commisceo Global (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site. , which can give you some help on culture and business practices.  Of course you will have to check other sources for the peace and order issue


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