Your Careers and Information SystemsMany of you have chosen fields other than Information Systems; h

Your Careers and Information SystemsMany of you have chosen fields other than Information Systems; however, all of you will likely encounter information systems in your future. Today’s technology enriched work environments rely on information systems to support business success.Using the Olson Library, Science Digest online database, locate an article related to your career field and MIS. Prepare a 1-2 page (double spaced), informational paper that includes a brief overview of the article (do NOT copy the abstract) and a discussion about how this relates to your future profession. Be sure that you also relate the information in the article to content covered in BIT 220 regarding MIS. *Include the article reference information at the top of your paper. Using the Olson Library:Online MSU Olson Library access for distance students: students may login to the library’s databases to find article research. Database access requires a login number (student ID number without the W) and password (student’s last name in lowercase letters).I suggest you use the Science Digest database (select Find Articles, Databases listed alphabetically, and S, Science Digest). Key in “management information systems” and your career area (for example, if you want to be a tax accountant, key in “tax accounting”). You can limit your initial search if you’d like or just see what you get on the first run. Suggestions for limiting your search after the first search include limiting it to articles, a subtopic in your area (such as information technology), current articles only, etc. Once you get a manageable number of articles, locate one of interest, be sure it is in full text, and email it to yourself or save/print. . Include the article reference information on your paper. Complete your work using Word and attach your document to the Assignment Submission box (below).*Examples of how reference should look (APA format):Place APA formatted reference at the top of the page—examples belowJones, B. (2011). MIS in the fast food world. The Journal of Fast Food 22(4), pp 20-24.Karvery, C.A, & Smith, J. (2012). Is your burger data or information. The Journal of Fast Food 23(1), p. 6.


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