Your employer has asked you to analyze this news and make two recommendations for your workplace….

Your employer has asked you to analyze this news and make two recommendations for your workplace.Read and write short essay that meets following requirement. Incorrect or incomplete/low quality work will not be accepted.

You are the IT professional working in a business.  Your employer has asked you to analyze this news and make two recommendations for your workplace.  Note you do NOT work for the company making or selling the product.  You work for a company that is evaluating the product for future use.

One recommendation should be training.  What professional training should be provided to all staff about and use?

The second recommendation should be technical.  What action would you recommend technically?

Your paper must include the list below.  I expect you to follow this format.

1) Introduction with executive summary and recommendation.

2) Brief description of the situation.  Critically evaluate the situation.

3) Evaluation criteria that you will use to present a response. What are the important values to consider when developing and measuring a response?  Consider which criteria you use; how do your criteria relate to material covered in the course?  Support your criteria with course materials.  Traditionally, students have the hardest time with this section.  Please review the writing hints for evaluation criteria before you write this section.

4) Proposal:  What you propose to do, with comparison of your recommendations to the evaluation criteria.

5) Conclusion.

6)  References should your reader want to follow-up.

Your assignment should be no more than 2 pages.  Longer does not make it better; you need to choose each sentence to add value. Your presentation should follow this format.

 ……………..Answer Preview………………….

   The modern organizational environment has proved is very diverse owing to the fact that companies are embracing division of labor. Training is considered as one of the most important aspect of the company since the personnel base of the company determines whether the or not the company will perform up to standards or not.          Apprenticeship the process of a learner actually somebody who is experienced in the field they want to venture: train them. Traditionally this method was mostly in occupations such as masonry, blacksmith, basketry……………..


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