Your team works for a mid-size Michigan law firm, specifically in the business law department. Your.

Your team works for a mid-size Michigan law firm, specifically in the business law department. Your law team has been contacted by a new client seeking business law services, but may also need other legal services as well.

Each of you will take on responsibilities for researching, assessing, evaluating, and reporting on legal issues, and drafting documents related to certain legal and other aspects of this client’s situation. Just as in any other law firm, lawyers and paralegals have particular expertise or strengths in certain fields of practice, and often bring with them to law practice experience and/or training in other fields of business as well. You must determine what responsibilities must be addressed, and split up these responsibilities amongst yourselves. Please be sure to address not only the positive aspects of the client’s situation, but also issues related to the negative aspects as well.

Each member will be responsible for coordinating their own research and assessments specific to their set of responsibilities and “expertise” with the other members. Each person will write their own paper. You will set forth your selected responsibilities by week 4 of the course and submit them in writing to the professor and to your teammates using the Personal Research and Drafting Responsibilities Memo format supplied on Blackboard under the Team Project Materials page. You are also to post a copy of your memo in the file exchange in your Team page so each team member has a record of others’ responsibilities.

You are not limited to these initially selected areas in contributing to the project, but you are primarily responsible for covering those areas of involvement, at a minimum. Each member of the team will be held to account for their responsibilities and holding up their end of the bargain, just like real life. Each member of the team will have an opportunity to evaluate the participation level and quality of work of their teammates.

Your personal involvement, ideas, contributions, research, and experience will be the basis of your final paper/client update report.

Assignment (group)

Each person -Ways to advertise (Internet sales, business card, coupon, phonebook, other?- form the advertisement for final presentation)- each person will address one advertisement
Each person will have 1 additional issues to research.
What is the rule (law)?
How does it apply to the facts of you issue?
This is an overview of your law team’s initial assessment of the client’s issues and needs, and an update on what has been done thus far as well as what yet needs to be done. Do not get bogged down in too much detail – give us enough to let us know you know where you’re going, what needs to be done, in what order it needs to be done, and all of the required documents to represent the client and form the business entity properly. I’m looking at analysis and thought processes here, as well as at your ability to draft relevant business organization documents. Ask all the questions you want, go to the law library, consult Michigan form books, look on the internet for information or ideas (be very careful!), ask for resources, call people and do interviews, etc.

Each member’s PRESENTATION of their portion of the project will be graded individually as will their WRITTEN PAPER/CLIENT UPDATE REPORT.


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